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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why this Kolaveri Di?

Why are people so impatient today? Why are they so monotonous and preoccupied? Why don’t people spare some quality time holding hands, leaning on shoulders and wiping away tears? Why this paroxysm of uncontained angst (read 'Why this Kolaveri')? Why those choleric glances? Why that waspish statement? Why that splenetic attitude? Are we meant for anything else but to love, care and spread happiness?

People are fast becoming raring to go to any horizon to keep the appetite of their ego satisfied. They become myopic and commit heinous follies. They overlook the broader picture, they get hurt easily and the only solution, for releasing the angst of getting bruised, they come across is to cause emotional asphyxia to the person involved. Stumbling-blocks are getting a bit too many in our daily lives. You drive on a road and you rarely ever witness a smiling and content person behind the steering. People honk ear-splittingly as if you carelessly stepped over their toes. I just came across an infographic that stated that every 60 seconds, 11 million conversations happen in the instant messengers; I am afraid no one has ever calculated the amount of swear words that take birth every 60 seconds. I am sure the figure must be as high as a billion. Why this fetid temperament? Whom do you curse? Does it take so much energy to visualize a situation from a different perspective?

Relationships get sour before reaching their maturity point. People don’t really value relationships much; to satisfy the ego takes priority and everything else gets the consolation of back-seat. People put in abrupt responses with a masterly spunk. People feel as if the world is an asylum and all the insanity is pondering over them. Why this brutal rage? Where have gone the days when people used to live life. What I see these days, most of the folks are busy spending their times in one or the other worldly thing. When you refrain from scheduling your life, you are taken for a toss. In the short run, you won’t really understand the importance of planning and execution, but in the long run, you experience the early fall of autumn in your life. So live as if you were always meant for living; Don’t embarrass God by puking out the abhorrent emotions and indulging in ruthlessly cold actions. Live life. Be an amulet. Be simon-pure.

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