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Monday, December 12, 2011

I am Immortal. Are You?

I have learnt some of the best lessons of my life in the courtyard of Lord Krishna’s temple in Vrindavan. The importance of self-discovery and meaning of physical existence was oblivion to me years back. Then the rendezvous happened, a transcendental one, a stirring one. There is more meaning to the basis of our existence than to earn, eat and die solemnly a fine evening. Why at all we take birth in a cosmos full of nebulous hints? As I embraced Lord Krishna, my soul found a conduit that was full of light and at the end of it, there was nothing but magical and ecstatic easiness. The moment one comes across the aim of taking birth, fears alleviate.

I have experienced the profound power of being at the center of celestial orbits when sitting solitarily infront of Lord Krishna’s idol, enjoying the nothingness of inner self. The quintessence of consummation is realization of self. It is rhapsodic to say the least. A soul is free from general emotions of guilt, hatred, anger etc. and the moment we start feeling ourselves not as physical bodies but as wandering souls, we attract cosmic blessings. A blessing is nothing but shared enlightenment. This is why we live; to understand the course of our trajectory, to perform better in the world that we inhabit. I often see people perturbed at the very thought of death; in fact death is the opening door. When someone dies, he just switches his place. A soul is immune to death, so why worry? You can never die; you are immortal. So why not plan a journey keeping in account of your soul? I believe in Lord Krishna, someone else believes in Jesus and so on. We have different idols, different faiths but the essence is the SAME.

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