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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

India Vs Pakistan. Frantic Frenzy Floats.

A national frenzy is looming large. Who will eliminate whom? India meets Pakistan in the knock out round of Cricket World Cup 2011 tomorrow. Vapors of adrenaline would color the air inducing mass delirium. CEOs and Office boys would be staring the screen with equal ecstasy. Many corporate offices have declared a day off, so that employees can absorb the finest nuances of the saga. Taxi drivers in Mumbai have decided to give their accelerator pedals a hypnotic high. Clubs offering large screen rendezvous with the live telecast are buzzing with the anxious calls for bulk booking of seats. The rivals would be locking horns in a world cup after a good 8 years, it’s no ordinary happening.

TV Channels (live streaming the match) have escalated the advertisement rates to dizzying heights. A lot of nickel would be experiencing frantic dissemination, here and there. Verbal diarrhea would inflict the reporters with heightened severity. Hearts would find mass synchronization in their beat pattern. Millions of focused thoughts would encircle the 22 warriors in crucial moments of the game, one at a time. Second chances would be vehemently denied to the players who would blink first. Gallons of catecholamine would be flooded in the streets and houses.

Who will win? Our own cold blooded assassins of the Bat-And-Ball, the hardhearted executioners, the mass favorites. I hope India wins.

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