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Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 reasons why I blog

It’s not long before that I used to read others’ blogs and wondered what it takes to be a blogger. The obvious hurdles always frightened me and I tended to restrain putting my best feet forward. Then a fine morning, I thought to write a short and snappy piece and review the response. Now it’s 25 posts and going. Here are 5 reasons why I blog.

1. To water my withering thoughts

We tend to engross in the usual chores so hard that the presence of paranormal realities fail to stir us. Thoughts wilt and we shrink ourselves, an inundated truth. I thought to revisit the lanes of my mind where certain pockets were waiting to be explored and this blog took birth.

2. It’s ‘IN’ to be a blogger

Anything new & worth trying in the block thrills me to the core. I started blogging just to savor the experience and it rocked. What more, It’s helpful for the people who just happened to come across some of my post and wanted to read something similar.

3. To be rendered keen eyes

I always wanted to be given devoted ears and eyes, and now I have got them (my audience)! It is a rousing feel to know that people are actually reading your thoughts.

4. Bypass the editorial quibbling and be the sovereign

It really is like having my own little diary which is kept open for the people to have a glance and scribble their opinions. No hassles of getting the final-proof from the editorial seat, I decide the content, I write the content and I publish the content. Ha !!

5. I am addicted to blogging now

It never happened to hit me in the beginning but as I indulged, I have fallen prey. It’s a coercive power which forces me to take out some time from my schedule, sit down and write. It’s a lovely little feeling and a very revivifying one. No amount of caffeine has invigorated me enough than to see my little piece being fed into the gut of blogger.

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