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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk with a dash.

The planets move in their orbits, the sub-atoms move in their orbits. Mass is crowded form of coalesce energy and energy is movable in nature, hence mass moves. It is made to move. If movement does not happen, the law of nature is defied.

The water moves in rivulets and streams. It flows hence it exists, stagnant water catches germs and self-putrefies.

Winds move penetrating the array of nothingness and infuse life in nature.

Clouds move in swarms, generate electric fields and burst into the entrancing raindrops, the nectar of life.

Time, the metaphor of tremendous perplexity, moves ahead by virtue of its existence. No one can imagine the consequences if time freezes.

Thoughts move with electrifying speed. They defy the dogmas of velocity and little experimentation has been done to craft the scientific cause for the velocity that thoughts ride with.

Plants move. What if their roots are stuck to heap of mud; little can be done to limit their axial movement upwards, posing a vivid smile to the sun as they grow.

Climates move. They come and they go and they remain in perspective.

Blood, the fluid of life, moves. And with stirring speed. And if it does not move, life fails the body, almost immediately.

Sperm moves as the ovum. The beginning of life is subjected to optimum movement by these progenies of zygote.

The blueprint of life, DNA moves (heard of jumping genes?)

We move because we are clouded aggregation of energy particles. As Einstein proved, energy and mass are inter convertibles. Energy is movable by virtue of its nature. If it doesn’t have potential or kinetic energy, it is not energy. So let's move, with a palpable dash.

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