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Friday, March 11, 2011

What lies in a thought?

What lies in a thought? Someone becomes a monarch and someone a slave, though blessed with near equal set of neurons. Someone sees the darkness as the color of comfort; and for someone even a small flicker of light is a blinding. Someone guzzles nectar with little realization of its flavor; and for someone water has the greatest taste.

For someone, eating a green shoot from a growing plant is sin; and for someone savoring butchered flesh with gleaming silver cutlery is a necessity of life. Someone has lost all sheen for heaps of gold; and for someone a rugged old coin is priceless. Someone throws a sneeze and the world somersaults; and someone stretches horizons of hope around by silently and ardently combating with diffuse metastasis of underlying malignancies. Someone is worshipped and adored with glowing verve, yet has a hollow inner self; and someone looming alone in the darkest corner of bizarre aloofness flaunts the radiance of intrinsic contentment.

Someone is content in unsighted emulation; and someone is authoritatively innovative and yet hungry for more. Someone gets a thought and stands on his feet to change the world; and someone finds it difficult to tune in with the changing world. Someone has the grit to beard the lion in his den; and someone is frightful of his own shadow.

What lies in a thought? The clout to illuminate millions of lives; and the potency to induce a hardhearted sabotage. The choice is yours. You are blessed with an omnipotent armor, the thought. Use it and see the world your way.

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