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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 steps to boost your creativity

Brainstorm a lot: An active mosquito can be more dangerous than a sleeping lion. Galvanize the trajectory of your ideas, set them free to find their own courses. A mish mash of mighty thoughts can evoke your inherent creativity a good deal. Brainstorming is like pumping your mental muscles, which would make them stronger and more efficient in the long run. Its OK if you come to know that more than 90% of your ideas are daft, the luminosity of rest 10% matters a lot.

Don’t let any moment die unnoticed: Make it a point to keep a record of most of the moments that carried a special thought, a special idea or a special feeling. Scribble down the voice of your conscience. Keep those ‘different’ moments in a separate section of your mind, from where can easily be recalled. This habit would help you a lot in separating out the fluff from your life in a long run.

Identify your problems: To make the frenzied crowed go gaga over a saved goal, a soccer player has to identify the trajectory of the football. The moment you start taking notice of your problems, with an intention to solve them, chances of your failures droop down significantly. Once you have delineated your problems with a razor sharp intellect and a handful of insight, the solutions start getting discovered on their own.

Pamper yourself: When did you last surf a music store with your eyes looking for that special track? When did you last gulp down a scoop-full of triple sundae with your taste buds going numb? When did you last stroll in a busy countryside with springs in your feet, and sparks in your eyes? When did you last caress that undisciplined pup of your neighbor? When did you last set out on a road trip with a bunch of close folks of college time?

Read a lot: When you read, your mind works. When your mind works, it comes across unseen paths. When it comes across unseen paths, it strives to find a way that fits in perfectly. Reading can give you an insight of other people’s minds, ground realities of seemingly complex issues, a lot of analytical data, a high-quality dose of multifaceted knowledge, and an introduction with the important aspects of lives. 

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