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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shed away the social myopia

One must keep on exploring the facets of life, for I believe that ideas, thoughts, predilections and activities are waiting to embrace you in your trajectory. One must try to explore oneself and find out what evokes the best out of him. From soda to hog, the versatility always had a leading edge over banality; why not find out what all you excel in, or what all you enjoy indulging in?

I love to try my hands in a gallimaufry of ventures, and that has added to my versatility. I can cook well, find out the required information from the search engines by putting in just the right search keyword (I frequently use keyword tool service by google), drive for more than a day at stretch, remember people’s names whom I have not met in last 20 years or so, relate well with the basic tenets of spirituality and apply them in my own life, operate a Swiss-knife like a pro, remain on my sensible nerves even after not catching forty winks for 72 hours straight, and make a gravey face realize the luminosity of life.

I am fortunate that most of my hospital employees are also quite adept at multitasking. I expose my employees to a wide variety of works that require diagonally different mindsets and skills, and it happens quite often that I get hold of a dark horse. Such is the irony of life that a majority of people are not doing what they can do really well; ill-fitted equipment has never produced the exceptional results.

Shed away the social myopia and watch out for your substance.

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