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Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 tips to love your food

Eat when you feel like eating. When you start expecting your food, or missing your food is the best time to indulge in some soulful eating.

Take a deep breath before you start to eat. In the confines of your mind their lies a vast space that bears no boundaries. Thank the Lord, while the pith of your mind lies in this area, for enabling you to have your meals.

See the colors of your food. Colors are beautiful and our foods seldom get the appreciation for the colors they flaunt. Now let’s not be mean and visualize the beautiful, often vivid, colors of our foods before we start to eat.

Let the whiff of the succulent food enter your nostrils. A blend of different aromas can be such a mood-lifter. At this stage, you would be tempted to wolf down the first gulp.

Start eating slowly, like you are still learning to eat. This would give your taste buds enough time to appreciate the farrago of tastes, and a thorough mastication would keep your digestive system going great guns.

Imagine the processes that had been involved in making this food. The cultivation of daisy-fresh crops, the careful plucking of vegetables, the tender treatment in the kitchen, and finally the decoration with the herbs.

Imagine that the food being eaten is slowly being assimilated in your body’s systems. Feel the energies being released gradually; it’s the vital energy of life that you derive from your food.

Make sure to eat with a serene mind. Don’t indulge in negative emotions while eating.

You would best experience the food when you eat without speaking. Concentrating on the eating experience would make it feel even better.

Make it a point to eat till the time you still have some feelings for the food. If you tend to overeat, the feelings that you were experiencing moments ago will vapor away fast. So indulge in moderation.

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