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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Please forgive me.

Forgive more often. Hatred is an emotion that seems benign and well justified, but comes with a kitty of malicious implications. People are not bad or biased; there natural reactions to the tough circumstances make them that way. By saying ‘tough circumstances’, I mean the circumstances which bear potential to change the course of anything following them, by virtue of decisions taken at that very moment. Not everyone is mentally conditioned to behave in a composed way in these challenging moments.

Give someone a flower. Send someone a sorry message. Arrange someone a welcome party. Forgive someone pretending you came out unaffected by something that arose due to one’s actions. We are all born to love, to spread hope and faith. It must not be in our nature to behave beast like, for to know the meaning of life, one must identify one’s spiritual level, and then to get it kiss the possible pinnacle. Don’t think yourself high and mighty for we all are born the same; nothing demarcates our basic characters except our mental frameworks which get twisted indifferent ways in response to a variety of emotional stimuli.

By carrying hatred in your breast, you would diminish someone’s chances of self-realization. Take a step ahead in embracing someone who caused you agony at some point of time. It would take away heaps of stress from your mind; and who knows if you just induced a life-changing moment in someone’s life by your kind gesture? To forgive is akin to give birth. You give birth to unbridled positivity and a sea of love. Don’t expect much in return for then the motive would be selfish; do your deed and keep walking ahead. In the journey of life, you must get rid of all the redundant burdens that slow down your momentum. Cruise forward with a big heart; come closer to the stark realities of life. You are meant to sow seeds of positivity, compassion, love and hope in the minds of people you come across. Mother Nature is watching your every deed; give her reasons to smile more often.

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