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Friday, June 29, 2012

Don’t play small

Our deepest fear should not be about our inadequacies. We are powerful beyond measures, beyond ordinary recognitions. It must be in our light, rather than in our darkness, that should frighten us. It’s terrifying for some of us to shine our lights as dazzlingly as we are capable, and it doesn’t bother me to say that preponderance of people out there struggle with this facet of life at some point in their lives. A lot of melancholy and frustration in the world today emanates from disinclination or incapacity to shine one’s light and to truly express the greatness that we contain within ourselves.

If you are struggling with some specific part of life, may be it’s time to sit and list out the possible reasons. To identify the problem areas is the foremost step in deducing a plan of action. If your quench for your dreams is going steel-solid, nothing should deter you from tasting success and basking in the glory of accomplishments. Don’t limit the trajectory of your dreams; flutter freely for the wings of your consciousness are as much immortal as the sky and the earth are. If there’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time but have not been able to achieve it, it’s possible that some part of your own inner self doesn’t really want that thing or situation you’re trying to accomplish.

Put in some fuel in leveraging self-belief. No cause is worthy enough to rob you off your dream. You are here in this world to make things happen; nothing special would be served to you in your plate – you have to earn every ounce of it. And here lies the beauty of life and Mother Nature; for them ore you see your affinity with your cause, the forces tend to align with you in making your belief getting final shape. You have been given a human’s life; you are capable of rational thoughts and analytical power; you are here to create your destiny yourself. The answers lie within you, and once you find them, you are well on your way to shining your light in the world and infusing life in your dreams.

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