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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lift the pressure-lid off our kids

Every child is born with his quota of happiness; some are easily ecstatic, and some are tough to please. Some children are fussier and some children are more perceptive. Whether your child has a high level of likely happiness or a low down level, he must learn to accept failures. Learning to accept failures would enhance their creative spectrum and when we impulsively protect our children from failure, we dispossess them from learning skills.

Raising children is about inculcating traits, shaping thought process and instilling moral values. It would be rather too direct and cumbersome to just focus about fixing the erratic sides of their behaviors. Children, these days, are exposed to a lot of stimulus and judgments; we must take thoughtful steps to gain acceptance from our children. If we would try to impose our thought process over them, we may risk losing their faith. Teaching children how to burgeon should commence with focusing on their strengths, not their Achilles' heels.
Much of the education is not taught; it is rather attained by own experiences. By teaching you child how to take a failure, you are actually making him learn about the importance of optimism. A child must be involved in a thought process where life is not counted by achievements or setbacks; it is important for a child to learn in a guilt free manner.

By following the dictums of Positive psychology, the child’s strengths must be treated genuinely by the parents. It must be kept in mind to refrain from blunt approaches; a methodical assessment and gradual approach to impart the right stimulus would be the right thing to do. You must not encourage answering in ‘yes’ or ‘no’; when you would attempt to explain things to your child, you would help him to sharpen his thinking neurons, which, in turn, would help him soar the intellectual heights.

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