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Friday, June 29, 2012

9 qualities of a doctor

Illness is an unwanted acquaintance that knocks during the oddest of hours. It might fall unbeknownst to you, leaving you with little opportunity to think and react sensibly. Behavioral Sciences have established that a person is prone to think irrationally under stressful situations; more the stress, more the deviance from obvious logics. You must practice healthy habits; you must make friends with peaceful, fun loving people; you must not carry mental stress for extended hours; you must not take life in its face value; you must be judicious in selecting your doctor.

  1. Your doctor must be experienced enough to be able to track down rarer clinical cases.
  2. Your doctor must be an easy to talk to person. Snobbishness is a strict no no.
  3. Your doctor’s sense of humor must be intact and flowing. Too much seriousness, in itself, is a disease.
  4. Your doctor must not give you a quizzical look when you ask something that medical fraternity considers too obvious a piece of knowledge.
  5. Your doctor must respect you, and your family. If you think that your inputs are not been treated properly by your doctor, may be its time to rethink about your choice.
  6. Your doctor must never develop cold feet when you want him to discuss your case with one of his superiors/peers.
  7. Your doctor must not be too self-worshipping; accepting shortcomings or ignorance would leverage one’s stature in the long run.
  8. Your doctor must be radiating with confidence; a meek opinion is not always considered to be the unbiased one.
  9. Your doctor must not try to use overtly complex medical jargons while communicating with you; unless of course you, yourself, belong to medical fraternity. 

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