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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7 tips for anger management

Arrange a timeout: This is imperative; only those who have practiced it know its importance. Whoever told you that counting till 100 is for kids only must have smoked something gross. You ought to take a break from the circumstances of the heated moment, to be able to assess the situation from a different perspective.

Take deep breaths: Yes ! If you know how to meditate, you are so close to master the art of killing the angst prematurely. Deep breathing takes your concentration away from the problem and in turn, dilutes its memories. It is said one who knows art of breathing knows exactly how to keep anger under check.

Drink some water: More the merrier! It has been shown in numerous experiments that drinking water does something detrimental to the life span of anger and you must note that down. To enhance the effects, drink every gulp with a lot of savoring. Make your affair with water a grand one and prized one.

Get some physical exercise: Physical exercises are known to provide that vent for suppressed emotions. People go on for instant running, or weight lifting or brisk walking or any form of exercise they indulge in, the moment they start feeling their anger level escalating. Exercises release a spurt of positive hormones which restores the body’s environmental mileu to the optimal level.

Think before you speak: Only fools speak just like that; a cultivated mind knows the words that would be shooting from the lips. Anger suppresses the tolerability and wrong selection of words can create mayhem; don’t allow yourself to get provoked and think twice before you utter a sentence.

Identify possible solutions: Focus on something that takes your attention away from the anger source. Identify the reasons for your outburst and look out for the measures to contain it right there. Remind yourself that anger won't fix anything, and might only make it worse. As they say ‘Don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim’. Either lower down your threshold of the repetitive stimulus that causes you anger or plainly learn to modulate your mind using bundles of practicality.

Use humor to release apprehension: Humor is the antidote for all anxieties and angst. Use it effectively and watch your humor-proclivity-index breaking records along the y-axis. Don't use cynicism or sarcasm, though — it can hurt feelings and make things worse by contributing to misunderstandings and keeping grudges.

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