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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random moments to cherish

The olive-coated voice of your love interest when you met first.
The chutzpah of childhood.
The thrill of overpowering someone in a game where you had been an underdog.
Your highest academic exploit.
The all time favorite tune of yours; which you consider yourself to be a part of.
The moment when you realized that life has more hidden meanings than some of the supernatural teleserials put together.
Mixed feelings when you flip down one of the old family albums.
Waiting in the crisp attire and bated breaths to be interviewed for the first time in your life for that 9 to 5.
Touch of icecream to the tip of your tongue.
Cumulative sound of hundreds of cuckoos, on a bright spring morning.
Pulling the window curtains to allow first ray of light enter your room.
Cuddling with your kid.
Suddenly coming to know that you actually shed tears watching a film.
The day you converted a foe to a friend.
The affection in your parents’ eyes when you outperformed yourself to make them happy.
When you start relating bits of your life with quotes from others (and you actually spend hours searching quotes).
Someone calls you with such an incredibly familiar tone that you instantly succumb to an induced déjà vu.

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