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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I love you all my patients

A lot of times my poor patients give me such honeyed comments that I am taken aback. I am taken aback instantaneously without my will or efforts. They call me their messiah, and they never forget to bring me home made delicacies, hand made gifts during the festive season. They love the fact that I take interest in their lives. They feel ingratiating that I know most of their family members by names. It is no that I am approached for the medical disorders by my close-held horde of patients; they approach me for their personal and social problems as well. They trust me that whatever advice I would render would be the best one and that is the driving force in such situations. I have been made to intervene a lot of family feuds where I hold regard from both the parties involved in bad blood; and in most of the cases, my decisions have been duly respected. I feel good. 

I am not a doctor for whom there exists a demarcating line between professional and personal worlds. A lot of things that I do professionally embark on my personal spheres and the vice versa is also substantially true. Sometimes I wish I had copied down all the incidences of my life that happened after I started my hospital; I have seen the aspects of life and relationships in such a diversity that I am sure a lot of human behavior related theories could have been inferred from my experience. And I don’t want to be self-aggrandizing to take all the credit back home myself; I am sure a lot of doctors feel the same way. Patients come to us and uncover their problems in details. In a lot of cases, the source of their problems lies in their lives, in their minds, in their relationships. We become witness to them and this never ending process of learning keeps on going and going.

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