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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good looking apples are sometimes sour

Life is a glorious outcome of little pieces of randomness where events are not as random as they seem in the first sight. For every little thought there lies a motive in the backseat; conscious, unconscious or subconscious. We win friends in our life times; the friends who remain there with you to vitiate the poisonous fangs of adversities; we earn enemies in our life times; the enemies who fail to recognize you as the flesh-and-soul versions of their own alter-egos.

You know a man by the sweat of his brow and the strength of his word. Life would present before you an assortment of masquerades, for you to judge and make the choices that help you soar high. If you want something, take positive action to get it: Ask, and it shall be given you—don’t just sit there hoping that something will turn up. As you brew so shall you drink; it’s as simple as that. You expect to see ghouls and you would start seeing them; you focus on the wafer-thin stream of white light and you would start seeing it. We, ourselves, are responsible for the opportunities we get and for the chances that we miss.

Probably the only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping-stones is the way we use them.

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