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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be a Vagabond. Explore Life.

Many of my colleagues think that I am overindulgent in my work. They keep on telling me to go slow on the pedestal of life; they think I have no life beyond the walls of my hospital. I appreciate their concerns but what do I do? I love my work. This is the biggest stress relieving activity that I ever laid my hands on. It needs just a glimpse of my freshly fumigated Operation Theatre and all my stress calms down. I think all of us have our very own versions of stress busters; how else can one cope up with the crest and trough ridden processes of life?

I have always derived pleasures from the present moment. I have seen people working their nerves off, day and night, just to realize years later that all the exercise was not worth it. If you come across life rather poker-faced, chances are high that you will miss the ebullience. You must look out to find out different facets of life and deal with it in a way that gives you ample of time for self-discovery. I frequently see people shedding tears over impending worries, and I can not understand the rationale behind. By fearing incessantly about the possible occurrence of an unfortunate event, we only increase its likelihood.

Live your life providently. Have a ferocious appetite for knowledge. Make faith your talisman.

Don’t invest in fleeting pleasures of life. Being hedonist is not a bad thing; you just have to know the real meaning of pleasure. Foster self-belief. 

Have aplenty compassion. Be hawk-eyed.  Get drowned in the ebullience of self-sacrificing moments. Cultivate amour proper. Explore the abecedarian truths of life and abide by them. Spread the seeds of love.

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