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Monday, January 9, 2012

Every Cell of your body is the Alter-Ego of the Galaxy. What say?

The world is crafted by a dab hand with inestimable intellect and flocks of foresight. You dig a bit deeper and you will be stupefied. To know the moves of this celestial jigsaw, you can’t really afford to remain a fysigunkus. If you circumspect clearly with an unhindered mind you will see that the universe, the nature, the life, the body and the mind are studded with opposites, lying in near vicinity to one another. A night compliments a day. For a sorrow, a happy moment is waiting nearby. Fits of anger often culminate in angelic love. A male is incomplete without a female. Successes and failures often mark the trajectory of a lifetime with equal representations. When fear looms to the vertigo-inducing heights, courage precipitates. Our bodies have the white matter and the grey matter, in close proximity. If there is an atheist sitting in one corner of the congregation hall, chances are high that in the same room there exists an ecclesiastical, God-fearing person.

Why do opposites are so ubiquitous? Do they serve the purpose of confounding us, or do they denote the vital steps of the ladder to enlightenment? Why do you choose to be at a certain perspective of the picture, when your other folks put their beliefs in the other side of the perspective? Have you experienced the lightening shudder that travels your spinal column the moment you change your faith from one perspective of the picture to the other? Being able to see the opposite with the same set of eyes and spiritually lifted mind can be foudroyant. Researchers say that there may be more than 170 billion galaxies in the discernible universe, so what do you think about the existence of opposites when you take the bigger picture into notice?

When I say that a random cell of your body is the alter-ego of the galaxy, would you like to correct me? I see a lot of similarities in the mentioned pair. Our minds keep on giving birth to a lot of thoughts every single day, and in the galaxy also, a lot of organisms take birth daily. Night is an eternal reality of the galaxy as is the sleep in our physiological system. Nature gets affected by calamities e.g. earthquakes, lightening etc. and we, the humans, also get affected by painful moments in our lives. When it rains, they say the weather is going to be pleasant afterwards; have you noticed the state of your mind some time after you have stopped crying? Our cells work till the time they die and the planets also have to keep on revolving to remain in the galaxy.

Cosmological makeup of the universe is yet to be deciphered correctly; and no one knows what gave birth to a living organism. What is life? Can a non living thing give birth to a living thing? So there has to be a living whiz to master all the successive origins. What I feel is that we must blend our scientific results with the spiritual knowledge to decode the BIG ORIGIN. It may be the penultimate step for us in decoding our destinies; but then we must act fast; there are 170 billion more galaxies to be taken care of.

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