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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cult of Underdogs.

Failure is a constant companion. Eremophobia envelops a lot of people the moment they start failing in their objectives. Failure is a term less understood in its totality and applied scope. What is failure at one stage can be a success in the other one. Statistics reveal that about half of the undergraduates have flunked in one or the other subjects. In the enormous researches, it has been shown that most common cause of the failure is missed deadlines, followed by that of impractical expectations. A failure is like a litmus test; the stronger and the more knowledgeable emerges the final winner. Life is but an unending race that requires the expertise of being a marathoner and a sprinter.

Your failure is not an exception. The way you plan your comeback is something that can make you an exception. Thwart off the esquivalience. Analyze well and don’t be biased while judging yourself. Be ruthlessly true. Your observations would be simon-pure and the chances of finding a valid reason that led to your failure would soar high. Tabulate a lot of questions, even the basic ones and start answering them. Once you are done with the entire analysis job, write down the findings. Speak to people who may have been in a similar state. Don’t feel dilapidated; it’s easy to blame the entire fiasco on the luck and make your lachrymal glands overwork. Halt. Learn from the failure. Reinstate your belief in your abilities and dreams. Imagine yourself having attained your objective and revel in the glory of celebrations – let it be all in the mind. It would invoke your subconscious mind and the pieces would start falling in places. Flood your neural fluid.

A comeback is worth a jamboree. The winning moment has something very special about it – the overshadowing glances, the grandiose gait, the glib speech, the mighty magnetism and what not. When you feel low in anticipation of a failure, make yourself remember your own power. What in the earth can overpower you? Underdogs have a notorious history of performing and winning when no one expects this from them. Underdogs are not born underdogs, they happen by choices.

Make a comeback that shifts all the glances over you.
Make a comeback that is truly worth your lifetime.
Make a comeback to leave a legend.
Make a comeback to let people know what magic can be caused by an array of focused thoughts and unflinching actions, acting in unison.
Make a comeback to make people believe in the glory of underdogs.

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