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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Serve with a Verve.

We have been given lives to know ourselves, in astute details. We have been given lives to help others in knowing them. We have been given lives to make this world a better place to live.

Life is meant to remain joyous. Life is meant to master the secret of finding bliss in every activity that we participate. Life is in details and the details lie in taking care of every aspect that touches us in our voyage as humans.

We are born with our own set of identities, our own set of setbacks and our own set of expectations. If we dig deep, we will find that eventually we have the same one goal of our lives. And that goal is to elevate our spiritual self to the uppermost level, so that we are able to extract pleasure from seemingly painful conditions and we are able to identify between good and bad.

I have always found biggest of joys in being able to serve the person in need. In my capacity as a healthcare professional, I routinely practice my expertise to spread hope and happiness. I find this very therapeutic and when I bring across a smile to someone’s face, I feel closest to God.

Since antedeluvian times, people are exposed to all sorts of famines and cataclysms that make their lives take all the wrong turns when they expect it the least. We, the humans, must invest in a process by which we can make people’s life immune to avoidable mental, physical and social catastrophes. No matter how ahead we reach in applied sciences, we make no appreciable progress if we don’t device new means of bringing happiness to people’s lives. We must rule our minds to serve our people and we would make Mother Nature happy by abiding this simple tenet of life. May we discover a world where love songs are sung at twilight and at dawn, where people don’t get flickered by every passing emotion and where people explore the awesome possibilities of life like there is no tomorrow.

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