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Monday, January 9, 2012

Why are you making your child a slave?

I often become witness to the ghastly sites wherein the parents of a toddler or a sprightly kid spend fidgeting times stressing hard about their child’s first admission to a school. Parents, in order to give their child the best possible academic roof, often fail to look into the aspect of a child’s education from an unbiased perspective. What do you want your child to gain in those initial years? Do you think a child should be made to waken up at wee hours in the morning forcibly? How many children are getting the required amount of undisturbed sleep in their routines? Do you keep yourself abreast of latest psychological recommendations pertaining to that of a child, or a teenager?

Ok, I agree. You lead a stressful life and with the way the tides are turning, you are right when you think that the best prepared would be able to survive in the jungle of mankind. No second thoughts. But have you spared a thought about what actually would the best prepared look like or think about? Does it help when you burden the child by expressing every iota of your expectations to his tender mind? Someone wants their kid to become a NASA Scientist, someone is nurturing dreams to watch their progeny establishing the status of a business tycoon one day, someone is making their child rehearse, even when the child is down with that seasonal burst of tonsillitis, to participate in the audition of that music related reality show. Why do you oversee the reality when it lies in front of you, stark naked.

Every child is different. Then why don’t we follow a system where every child is given a different treatment. Why this mad gush of a plethora of subjects? Do you really have to learn about the Friedel-Craft’s Alkylation of Benzene compounds when you want to make it big in finance and accounts? What is the use of juggling with knotty calculations of calculus when you have lost your heart to literature and prose? Why don’t you get a choice when your mind is least occupied with the fluff? Are we benefitting our kids, or, in turn, inciting more harm than good? Why don’t we encourage our kids to know themselves spiritually? Its pretty obvious that falling in the same league, as they turn adults, they would be having loads of cholesterol in their vasculature, loads of confusions in their minds and loads of unhappiness in their lives. Why don’t we break the chain reaction to give our kids a lease of life? Why do we want to program their existence and turn them in the lines of human robots, who cringe every minute for inner solace?

God’s creations are all so exquisitely beautiful, and charm of children is beyond comparisons. Why can’t we give our children a world where they can be free-thinkers? Why do we, blame it to our thoughtlessness or lack of enlightened knowledge or plain simple faint-heartedness, choose to make them slaves? 

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