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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winning hearts doesn’t require a degree.

Greet your fellow colleague with a beaming smile. Offer your listening ears when someone requires them the most.

Don’t criticize weather and/or food and/or ambience of that newly opened restaurant and/or social networking websites and/or deadlines and/or your country just for the heck of it. It doesn’t really make you smarter if you voice an opinion that is not really yours. Many times we listen to a fact so many times that we, mistakenly though, think it to be our own. We must exercise some mental gymnastics before formulating an opinion about anything trivial or significant.

Throw away surprises, pleasant ones.

Wish your folks and family their share of special days. Send flowers when someone close to you gets a promotion or when someone’s child excels in extracurricular activities. Obviously you can’t afford to forget birthdays and anniversaries; it would help if you send them hand written notes or greeting cards. Don’t leave the entire social relationship burden to facebook.

Give your children that much deserved tight hug, lavishly.
Praise the culinary skills of the person feeding your hunger.

Stand up for a cause, and make your voice count. Be the light that illumines paths of others. Be the torch-bearer.

Arrange group picnics. Arrange informative seminars in your vicinities. Arrange recreational classes in your neighborhood. Arrange medical camps for the elders and the poverty-stricken strata.

Pay for an underprivileged child’s education. Save electricity. Donate blood frequently.

Lessen the pollution. Make people realize about the ill effects of pollution by rendering practical examples. Drive with a sound head. Don’t go overboard when throwing a party. Reduce wastage of food.

Even if you picked up that unwanted sales call mistakenly when you were in the middle of your presentation, speak politely. Show your mettle. Refuse to behave standoffish.

Infuse morals in your kids. Playstations are OK, Tai-Chi is OK; but losing contact with the quintessence of our culture is not OK. Morals inculcate the strongest of cements in a child’s spine; help him get the strength.

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