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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do we need an ORACLE to correct us?

To attain the apogee of success, one must invest heavily in oneself. Every one of us is capable of producing the never heard of positive changes in the society but the process must start from the ‘self’. The universe is a meshwork of billions of galaxies and every galaxy contains innumerable planets; the vastness of space is beyond ordinary comprehension. But this must be having its logics. By the experience that I have accumulated through all my life till now, I firmly opine that everything that happens has a cause and an effect. Certain things follow a boomerang's trajectory, certain things belittle others and certain things propagate others. Nature’s machinery must be one of the most flawless and insurrectionary one. So you can not just thwart off anything that takes place in the nature and term it poppycock. That would make you look so ordinary, so wishy-washy. I have always tried to look up to certain event from various angles.

Sometimes I engage myself visualizing a specific situation from one perspective, followed by which I make my opinion and just move ahead. Then, consciously, I again visualize that same situation after some time, this time from a different perspective. I do it a lot of times till I am convinced of robbing off all the assumable perspectives. I must admit I observe different truths every time. Here lies the Nature’s flummox – you see what you want to see. The truth for one person may not be the truth for other person. As I explore further, I observe that a lot of insightful findings can be discovered if we tend to practice our savoir vivre. I love to wander in thoughts; that makes me a wayfarer in the affair of life.

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