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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pain is the Divine Ordeal.

Pain is a sensory emotion, a forced one. Reach out to its roots and discover the array of paradoxes. Pain embodies pangs of throes. Pain is a pitiless form of strained meditation. Pain is the progeny of many wombs. Pain seeks no permission. Pain is onerous. Pain is the mother of fear. Pain is a fake fluke but its ordeals are real. Pain is autocratic with no hint of laissez-faire.

Pain is ephemeral. Pain is a tribulation. Pain is the cellar of accomplishment. Pain exists for a reason, and the irony is that the moment you find the reason, the pain is gone. Don’t be a prey to odynophobia for pain is there for some purpose. Pain is perplexing. Pain is as selfless in its unrefined form as selfish it seems to your biased eyes. Pain is a prank. Pain is inducer of heartrending pessimism.

Pain provides aplenty observations; the choicest ones reflect you closely. Pain revels in the kingdom of tyranny; yet pain can be conquered by a mild maneuvering of a single thought. Pain is pretentious. Pain is programmed. Pain is perennial. Pain is the biggest illusion. Overcome pain to prove the might of your mental mechanics. Pain is prudent and pure, and its after-effects, callous. Pain is hair-raisingly macabre. Pain is the divine ordeal for you to take control of your mind and body.

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