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Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is a Coincidence?

A coincidence is a planned motive by the occult natural forces. A coincidence is a clue. A coincidence is a brush with something important, with something that holds stellar importance to our oblivious eyes. A coincidence is meant to awaken our senses and to sharpen them relentlessly. A coincidence, strikingly notable in nature, comes with a massive motive; its up to your visionary vigilance, emotional enlightenment and spiritual strength how you perceive a coincidence.

Identify the hidden meaning of a coincidence before it’s too late. A coincidence is a planned bet on your intuitive capabilities by the supernatural. A coincidence comes with mammoth facets and aplenty possibilities. A coincidence is a channel of something bigger waiting to announce its existence. You can take the coincidence on its face value and let yourself be undeterred and untouched; you can take co incidence on its stalwartness and allow the spheres of your spiritual entity to swell.

A coincidence is a short-cut to a part of your destiny. A pair of remarkably eager eyes and a pair of cautious cerebral hemispheres can do wonders with a seemingly commonplace coincidence. A coincidence comes with a series of codes, waiting to be unlocked. Don’t let any of the coincidences, happening at frenzied pace in your life, go unnoticed. Invest your insight in them and see the secrets of the nature unfolding in front of your bare eyes. A coincidence is the clue to find the ‘x’ in the snarled-up equation of your life.

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