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Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 random acts of kindness

Donate your old shoes and clothes to the persons in need. For you these things may be a piling heap of discomfort, for them these are their paper boats in their stormy lives.

Spare yourself from developing addiction to social media. Liking a status is OK; but giving a real high-five may mean more to someone in your vicinity at that moment. Moreover, life is for real till the time we breathe, so don’t let virtual spheres go disproportionately important.

Make your kid win that video game from you. Allowing him to enjoy a triumph in OK, but let him sweat hit hard to get this status.

When a conference gets successfully completed, personally thank everyone – right from the projector supervisor to the person who had been serving you the cookies.

Don’t react to a situation without getting a good insight to it. Don’t stare at a fellow passenger just because he brushed against your car; he might be in real hardship that particular moment.

Think of the pizza delivery boys who have to toil real hard when it’s a national holiday for everyone. Tip them well.

Judge someone’s mind and act in accordance. Your spouse had been wanting since long to catch that special screening of the latest flick. Why not book the best seats right now?

Save electricity. Reduce carbon prints. Purposely shutting off an hour’s electricity supply of your home every month would be a good step to contribute to the society.

 Don’t allow someone else to clean the clutter created by you. Do it yourself.

Tell your children how much you love them. Give them the well deserved hug, tightly.

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