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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Every morning is a new window

Leave behind the uproar of darkness. Get a slice of life amidst multicolored hues of freshly dawned rainbows. Every morning is a new beginning to every walk of life; you wake up all afresh with bubbles of energy studding your tissues. You get out of your bed; you touch the cold ceramic floor barefooted, and you feel that whisk of life. You make efforts to separate your eyelids while they attempt hard to get locked in mutual embrace even harder. The first sight of the morning creates a glowing impression in your visual field, and you can feel the rays of light percolating you in and out.

You stop for a second, right there. Your body, unknowingly, gets in a state of subconscious induced super symmetry and you feel the whiff of sacrosanct air. You close your eyes, and you start feeling the spongy touch of super-cool morning air that carries aroma of garden shrubs. You keep your eyes closed for few more minutes while your soul childishly explores the environment around. The night-air of the room started making its way out of the window, and pink particles of fresh sunlight started occupying every corner of the room. You just touched the peripheries of life, and got frozen in sang froid trance; just imagine what lies in its pulp?

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