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Saturday, March 31, 2012

15 things that are not required in life

  1. Don’t feel inferior. Never ever!! Life has given you equal chances, and you hold the edge in some or the other departments of life.
  2. Don’t get scared to commit mistakes. Mistakes are embraceable as they shape you from within.
  3. Stop rebuking yourself for old mistakes. Your mistakes are your best teachers; and you need to have a lot of such teachers.
  4. Stop being a perfectionist all the times. Give leeway to amateurishness. It’s fun and stress-busting!
  5. Don’t catch hold of the past a bit too tightly; moving on in life is important. Getting stuck would bias your momentum in life.
  6. Don’t seek pleasure at all costs. Treat patches of boredom, dejection and sufferings with wide arms.
  7. Stop lying idle. Your life is a precious belonging; invest every day in learning and experiencing something new.
  8. Don’t see everyone as competition. Humankind has a different mission rather than participating in the never ending rat race. Think big!
  9. Stop complaining viciously. It won’t do any good to you, or to the person in picture. Try to submit your point rather pleasingly.
  10. Don’t keep a grudge too closely. Forgiveness is the answer to a lot of tortuous questions; forgiveness takes you one step above in the spiritual plane.
  11. Stop giving in to the situations. Have hope, be a warrior. The best of the triumphs origin in minds first.
  12. Don’t lead a mundane life. Think something new everyday. Play with perspectives.
  13. Don’t neglect the prettiness of small things. The best parts of one’s life lie in nameless moments that passed with the speed of light.
  14. Don’t play too safe. Not everything in your life would be served in your hands; you need to come out of your comfort zone to adapt to greater tenacity of mind.
  15. You must stop being ungrateful. Even your enemy teaches you something by his acts. Every sight, experience and emotion is a teacher. Feel good in being taught practical lessons and be grateful to everyone. Focus on what you have, and what are you capable of accomplishing. 

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