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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 steps to enhance your self-image

Identify every thing that you are capable of performing with adroitness. Feel good that you have a mind that thinks amazing things. Feel good that your body gives you wonderful moments of laughing, dreaming, walking, breathing and dancing.

Make a list of things that you like in yourself. Don’t be overtly skeptic in preparing this list. Make it a point to stick this list on your desktop screen or over your work table so that you get tempted to add one quality every day. You must realize the lovable side of your personality.

Discard the superficial notions of beauty; beauty is never skin-deep. The acts of goodness make someone beautiful beyond descriptions. Repudiate the ordinary definitions of beauty. Beauty is a state of your mind, and when you are confident, compassionate and caring, you embody beauty. Let the acts of hope, kindness and positivity gain ground in the wet earth of your mind.

Don’t pay heed to different parts of your body that make you hate the mirror. Look out for the comprehensiveness of your body.

Keep yourself surrounded with a horde of positive people. You would notice a sea of changes in your thought process if you are in the company of people who are supportive and understanding.

Don’t invest the energies of your mind in any form of negativity. The world if full of people who would shatter your beliefs from the right paths without a second thought. It’s very easy to get shredded in pieces deep inside. Don’t allow anyone to hold your morals in captivity; emerge out a winner every time you are written off with vehemence.

Match your mood with your attire. Wear clothes that are comfortable to you. A good set of clothes and shoe can be an instant mood-lifter. Know your preferences, and choose your belongings yourself.

Fall in love with yourself. Take out some time to ask about the wellness of your own soul. Take out some time to steal a power nap in the noon, find a peaceful place to observe the clear sky, get full body massage like you used to get in your salad days.

Make best use of time by spreading rays of hopes in your surroundings. Identify the opportunities where you can make a difference, and then stick to your cause as if there is no tomorrow. An act of kindness always bounces back when you need it the most.

Appreciate others’ good deeds and gentle gestures. Put the kibosh on unending criticism of others. Don’t kick against the pricks every time. Be eloquent in expressing your heartfelt emotions of benevolent nature.

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