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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An experience is the best teacher

I used to perform well in the entire subjects with the notable exception of mathematics. The theoretical riddles, the mystifying formulas were not meant for me. I just used to pass in mathematics and it was due to overachievement in other subjects that I used to top every class. I recollect quite precisely, it was the annual paper of mathematics in class 6th when the examination paper was leaked. The paper was leaked by the teacher himself was not a proven fact but the gossipmongers fueled this theory with quite credence. In spite of being fully familiar with what all questions are framed, and having plenty of time to be acquainted with the right answers, I could manage only 47 out of 100 marks. To make the insult more offensive, the rest 28 classmates scored full marks i.e. 100/100. I, however, managed to top this class as well as I stated before due to seminal performance in all the other subjects. But this bruise was tough to heal; in the days to come, I kept on thinking why I could not get better marks even when the exam paper was made public. I derived conclusions, unbiased ones.

The first thing that I learned with this disastrous experience was that if I don’t enjoy a particular thing, I can’t fake it. Either I am in it or I am out of it; no intervening lanes for me. Secondly, I established my personality in my own inner sphere to be that of the warrior. It made no sense to me to make any real effort for an exam whose question paper was made public days before. I was happy basking in the glory of my own marks than the adulterated version that most of my friends were craving for. I never cheated in any exam of my life; I truly believe that results are for your consideration and you must get what you deserve. Your accomplishments should not be built on ephemeral foundations, for the rides of life can be quite rocky.

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