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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random memories of childhood

As a kid, I was full of vim and vigor. I used to walk in this sprightly gait and my face always dazzled with some kind of mischief, so typical of kids. People used to see me as a weak child; nevertheless, I took no second thoughts ever to play the biggest of pranks to the most unsuspecting folklore. As I suffered with affliction of symptomatic polio, my formal education started quite late. I attended my first class when I was 6 years old; by that time most of my colony kids had known how to make genuine excuses for not doing their homework. Though my formal education took a toll by years, I didn’t really suffer much as my mother used to teach me at home.

By the time I stepped in my first class, I was familiar with every bit of academic knowledge that my classmates possessed. To my utter disappointment, I was allotted the front seat in my class. No ready-witted kid would ever want that sort of attention from the teachers and I was no exception. When I returned home the first day from my school, I popped up the question to my mother about the biased sitting arrangement. Her explanation was something I was least expecting; she said I deserved that front seat because of my weak physical state and brawny mental state. The journey of the world had just begun and I was started being judged.

Being a neophyte in this scholarly world doesn’t help you ad infinitum; you got to learn the rules fast or you run the danger of being labeled as a loser. The world for me had just started its ride, and with each passing day, I loved the company of my classmates and my neighborhood friends as there is no tomorrow.

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