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Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 things that would make you happy

  1. Rearrange you room. Change the interiors, realign the furniture, do whatever you want to.
  2. Write someone a personal note in a recycled paper that smells like orchids.
  3. Dress up in the funky outfit you always wanted to flaunt as a teenager.
  4. Make a collage by cutting pictures from the magazines.
  5. Take recluse in an area where the cellular network just doesn’t work.
  6. Look out for the hungriest child in the streets, and feed him aplenty.
  7. Purchase a new dress, or a new set of office stationery, or that antique furniture from chor bazaar you always had a lust for.
  8. Make plan for the rainy season. How about cruising the muddy ways to explore the town? How about getting drenched in heavy lash of rains?
  9. Cook a snack that used to be your favourite when you were a child.
  10. Help someone taking a decision.
  11. Call up someone with whom you have not spoken in ages.
  12. Make a rush to your favourite spot of the town. Be it your choice of restaurant, park, mall or cinema hall.
  13. Go to a nearby garden and watch the flowers closely.
  14. Wake up early in the morning and watch the calm faces of your sleeping kids.
  15. Finish the day’s work early and give yourself a couple of hours for your own self.
  16. Get hold of an inspirational site or blog, and get absorbed.
  17. Touch your car as if it is a human.
  18. Give your spouse a bouquet of roses. Freshly chosen roses with nice little water drops over the petals.
  19. Remember the first film that you watched with your spouse? Just watch it again, obviously with him/her.
  20. Close your eyes and imagine the highest of hills, the calmest of seas, and the widest of jungles. Remain in the state for few minutes.

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