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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spice up your marriage

Most of the persons, when get married, turn in to a different kettle of fish altogether. Marriage brings maturity. You learn to love. You learn to care. You learn to adjust. Marriage is meant to give you an everlasting companion in your celestial voyage. Make efforts to understand your spouse’s basic nature; and don’t subject it to harsh forces for if the tenacity of your spouse’s mind is ripped off, you would be left with nothing.

Don’t expect too much from your spouse, for you won’t know when you cross the boundary where your expectations start troubling the other person. Be the same starry-eyed kid that got married years ago. Accept your spouse’s shortcomings the way they are; don’t force your decisions ever. In a union of two souls, one must not take other’s living space and breathing right. Give more. Forgive even more.

Know your spouse’s preferences. Give him/her surprises. Shower praises for a worthy act. Don’t be a bitter critic; there lies a thin line in being honest and in being brutally honest. Bend down on your knees for it would make you soar high in love. Don’t let your fight cross a dawn. Impress each other like the newly weds. Express your love often, and when you do it, give it a laldy. Laugh like a drain. Make up leeway together. Be the reason of spark in your spouses’ eyes. Hold hands together. Watch dreams together. 

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