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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Play with the perspectives

Sometimes all one needs is to be at a different perspective, to render the situation a wise treatment. We can get so caught up in the split second, in the predicament, that we fail to realize that the answers lay before us.  We get entangled in the bad mood, and start being cynics. When you see the same situation from the same perspective, it is likely that the inference that you just formed gets fortified. But this inference is a distorted one; it appears at the cost of the real truth. Someone must be at a loss for this discordance between the real and the virtual.

In such cases, we start judging based on information obtained from just one perspective of the picture.  It’s human nature to quickly jump to the opinions; we do it all the times with little realizations that we are, most of the times, putting water in the wrong seeds. But when you get stuck, when you’re puzzled, perturbed, or lost- take a deep breath and try thinking in a different way.  Sometimes you might like what you discover. And then you would realize the power of perspectives.

It’s not easy to maneuver your perspective, but it’s worth every inch of it.  Why do you want to get content appreciating an incomplete vision when you can be a witness to the complete reality? Most of the times things aren’t as shocking as they seem and all it takes for you to realize that, is a second or two in a different perspective. I remember a powerful quote from Bertrand Russell that says ‘In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.’ Perspectives play grand roles in making us able to solve the jigsaw of life.

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