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Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 things I love at workplace

  1. Watching content face of a sleeping newborn with rosy lips, puffy cheeks and tiny fingers
  2. Being able to finish the ward rounds and OPD consultations on time
  3. Meeting a long-lost patient, and being able to share the old vibes instantaneously
  4. Diagnosing a rare disease with precision and creating a difference the patient’s life
  5. Keeping abreast with the advancements in milieu of health care specialties, and getting astonished by the myriad of possibilities we have been bestowed with
  6. Coming across a patient who follows my every advice verbatim and never fails to astonish me by display of unbelievable faith over me; such patients have always been the pillars of my preserved hope in the sanctity of this profession
  7. A patient, succumbed with an illness that holds notoriously grave prognosis, starts showing signs of recovery quite unexpectedly and gets completely fit in due course of time
  8. Some acquaintance places me a call to ask about my opinion in a case that has been treated by the best names in the industry
  9. Giving one of my underprivileged patients a reason to rejoice by refusing to charge for the professional services rendered
  10. Seeing someone getting switched from painful state to painless state; the comforts don’t just belong to the patient, I too get a pie.

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