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Sunday, April 29, 2012

You catch sleep or the sleep catches you?

You close your eyes and squeeze your thinking neurons a bit; the happenings of the day flash like a blinding fluorescent chain of lights. The sequences start blending with one another so perfectly that the intervening lines get voided, with no realization of the same. The period of wakefulness had fatigued enough to be wanting to rest in coffin; the coffin of shredded hopes, rummaged beliefs and crushed spirit. You gradually direct your optical focus to the liquid crystal display of your television set and the pixels start turning into howling circles of peppy colors.

The night is so unpredictably exaggerated; it has an ocean of subtle emotions waiting to be touched and aroused. That is one of the very important reasons why we have programmed ourselves to go into a numb state of mind as soon as the black blanket covers the Mother Nature. The darkness is asphyxiating for its obvious appearance and freeing for its occult power. The equations seem weirdly unsolvable because they are not seen with the relevant perspective; problem doesn't lie in the mystifying nature of the equations that waft from the night, problems lie in the unenlightened states of mind that lack the knowledge, courage and insight to address the equations properly and solve them altogether.

Finally the ultimate happens. The centers of wakefulness in your brain are forced to experience a temporary death and you sulk in your bed with limp limbs. They say this programming is to get your body the required invigoration; I feel it has more to it than what we fathom by our gullible eyes. The sleep is the order of the nature; an order of the magnitude that it can cost you a life if you don't fall in the line of abiding slaves. Have you ever realized that the night shields a lot of conspiracies of nature from us by making us attain a forced hypnotic state? 

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