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Sunday, April 29, 2012

List of 10 things I love to do online

  1. I recently came across a site; this site has a vast amount of books to read. I find it great to manage sometime to read other people’s mind; and the collection of quotes in this site is just awesome.
  2. I seldom browse through Blogger’s blogs of note to get a peek into people’s creativity and indulgence in various aspects of life.
  3. I seldom check the top trends in twitter (for the day) and click on the term that interests me to find out all the related opinions, comments and facts about the same.
  4. I have fine tuned myself for using dropbox this year; and I found it a great way to keep my data stored (and shared, when I want) in a safe way.
  5. I love to spur my mind by having a peek at the slideshow of the highest rated photos on flickr for past 1 week.
  6. I love to send my colleagues e-cards. I have been using 123greetings for this ad infinitum.
  7. I frequently surf scribd to find out ancient medical books and literature that is hard to find in paper prints these days. There are many such sites but I have found this one to be the best.
  8. I frequently subscribe to the rss list of noteworthy medical journals and sites so that I get my daily dose in the inbox.
  9. I love to check for the latest surgical techniques by absorbing the videos in youtube.
  10. Facebook. The love of our lives. The affair continues, though the sheen has started to fade a bit.

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