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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quit smoking; embrace life

We are creatures of our habits and our habits bear a potential to modify our genetic arrays. Smoking has been one of the primordial sins that the mankind has fallen prey to; and with the advancements of medical technologies, we hold better realizations about the mal-effects that smoking causes to our bodies. Most of us start smoking in an attempt to announce our arrival to the big world; the habit follows a socially infectious pattern. By the time most of us realize that the habit has started taking a toll over their health, the psychological dependence is so much that enough courage for thinking to put a kibosh on the dreaded habit is difficult to gather.

If you are able to see what happens to your lungs when you inhale that powerful puff, you would be drawn to some deep thinking. For the want of an ephemeral stimulation, why would you prefer roasting your sensitive lung tissues? And even the children know that smoking can cause cancer; spare a thought to peep in the mindset of a person who had just been diagnosed to be suffering with cancer. You might understand the burden of crime that you may be doing to your family, to your kids, to yourself.

Within 2 days of kicking the butt, your nerve endings would begin to re-grow; within 3 days your body systems would be nicotine free completely and within 3 months your chances of suffering a heart attack (secondary to ill effects of smoking) would curtail drastically. It all lies in the power of mind; you might think that you need to get that gush of smoke in your trachea every hour to be able to concentrate – that is purely your own assertion. The science doesn’t approve any such notion. A pure body and a clean mind is something that the nature bestowed us with. Don’t opt to degrade yourself. Come clean on the challenges of life; show your strength. Win the war in your mind and the process to follow would be a cake walk.

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