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Sunday, April 29, 2012

7 steps to live a beautiful life

  1. You are being given ample of freedom to choose. You can choose between a good habit and a bad habit. Helping others is a good habit; prayer is a good habit.
  2. The only real impediment to your own success and path to glory is your own string of negative thoughts. Realize it sooner to overcome it.
  3. You form habit patterns in your subconscious by repeating an act or a thought every time, under a specific stimulus, over a long period. In the beginning you define your habits, and later on your habits define you.
  4. Others’ statements can’t hurt you directly. To hurt you, they must travel the channels of your own thoughts and mind maps. No one can hurt you without your conscious or subconscious will.
  5. You must know how to discipline the mind. An undisciplined mind can feed the subconscious in an undesirable way. Hang loose; and look before you leap.
  6. The power of imagination separates us from the rest of the breathing species. If this is the decisive power, then we must use it to get evolved further.
  7. Handle fear with faith. Ring the knell of negative thoughts.

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