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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be guided by Intuitions

I wish there could have a mind-mapping system based on the power of intuitions. We have GPS systems to enable our physical trajectories enriched and informed; what sea changes in our lives can occur if we are able to weigh the relevance of intuitions, in isolation or in combination?

GPS System is based on previous recordings, the relevant data and the authentic information about a place’s whereabouts and reach. Can our intuitions also lead us somewhere, if given a scientific thin-slicing? Intuitions are not the progenies of left-over thoughts; I believe enough scientific and spiritual work is needed to prove the real motive and significance of intuitions.

It’s not in the jolts of psychoneurotic trance that one comes across truthful intuitions; we witness their close brush with reality in broad day light, every now and then. The question is who is allowed to witness what measure of intuitional accuracy? Do you rough away the facts by rendering them premonitions or a portion of your nervous system feels an affinity to dwell a little deep within?

What is the etiology of intuitions? What are the pathways of intuitions? What are the fundamental reasons for origin of intuitions? What drives intuitions? Period!! What is an intuition? Does it hold some link between our past lives and present life? Does it hold some clue to the development of our super-sensory system? 

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