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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Its important to follow medical ethics

In the health care milieu, all the medical professionals are supposed to follow a certain set of ethics to be able to render their duties without any bias; however, in the present context, I seldom come across cases which can blatantly be termed as breach of the same. It disturbs me to realize that most of these cases go unnoticed, leaving the general public at lurch.

Late night commercials about medical products that claim to work better than the standard options of medical sciences evoke a lot of interest in general public. I fail to understand how a mixture, which is supposed to be applied topically, can bring about changes in the mal-aligned bones, ligaments and tissues; and this is what is portrayed every night over prominent channels by various animations and grand talks. Do you think putting a disclaimer for less than 5 seconds prior to the start of program can help the viewer come to an enlightened choice?

We get to see a lot of dubious medical claims in newspapers everyday, ranging from solutions to achieve incredible increase in height to permanent solutions for a range of seemingly notorious medical ailments. We see a lot of doctors, belonging to an array of diverse health care systems, practicing allopathy; medical ethics involve all the streams of health care sciences – why shouldn’t we simply introspect and follow the right path?

A small hole near the bottom of the ship can derelict its survival in the sea; our healthcare system is witnessing a farrago of such holes. Healthcare system is based on mutual trust and display of ethics without fail; and I believe that by not contributing actively to curb the menace, we are betraying the common people. It’s time to keep aside the sympathy nerve and listen to the call of the soul.

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