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Friday, December 30, 2011

Breaking News: Khetarpal Hospital Is Expanding

Khetarpal Hospital would be entering its 20th year of life after 3 months. The end of teen years; what could have been a better occasion to expand its horizons.

I had been planning to inflate the size of my hospital for a long time. It’s finally turns a reality; I have acquired the adjoining building and the process of turning it into a cathedral of health care embellishments has started with a dash. The architectural layout has been finalized and construction work has commenced. The bricks, the mortar and the unending yells of chisels and hammers; I am glowing in sang froid.

I visit the portion many times a day, taking two steps at a time. The habit has failed to desert me, even in the wrong side of fifties. I seldom stand at a solitary spot of the building and visualize the imminent array of activities. The trollies moving around with a frenetic pace, the sound of a nebulizer exhaling the whiff of medicated oxygen, the front office area bristling with activities, the constant squeak of keyboard buttons, bursts of cachinnation, the silent prayers, the miracles, the thanksgiving sessions – I am reveling in the glory of moments on the card.

I would not just increase the number of beds, but also make provisions to incorporate some of the high-end specialties in my hospital. I plan to give the most agile pair of wings to our existence. I feel like a neophyte once again, full of vim and vigor. I feel like I would be able to bring more smiles. I feel so blessed for I am one of the sources by which the suffering people connect with their divine beliefs.

So, right now, it’s all walls and windows for me. What a better way to celebrate the festivities of onset of New Year.

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