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Sunday, December 25, 2011

What are you doing this Christmas?

  1.              Be the wax that supports the fabric thread in spreading radiance of light.
    2.       Be the ‘Santa Claus’ that gallops down the chimneys to give surprise gifts.
    3.       Bake a cake and get caught red-handed savoring its tender taste.
    4.   Reply to every SMS by creating an individual reply; you are only investing in the jungle of spry optimism.
    5.       Be a lenient host. Stuff your guests with the most exotic delicacies.
    6.       Learn to tend the bar (one in your home) with that guinea-pig charm.
    7.       Smell the whiff of the X-Mas cards sent to you.
    8.       Enjoy the elysian afternoon with that outlandish lunch.
    9.       Learn to wrap the gifts by the most fluorescent and loud-in-your-face sheets.
    10.   Make a wish silently and announce the blessings vociferously.
    11.  Watch the flickering flame of a candle and think about your existence. Be aware of the eternal celibacy.
    12.   Don’t watch your steps as you walk. Show the world what all are you capable of with two left feet.
    13.   Sing Christmas rhyme with notable lust for getting the right notes, right loudness and right rhythm.
    14.   Invest in buying chocolates; how else can you distribute them to the peppy kids all around?
    15.   Say your kids a story; it doesn’t really matter if your project yourself as the superhero. The thing is in.

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