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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you really care for your shadow?

‘A person without a shadow is a Satan’ ---- English Proverb

We, the humans, are the most capable animate beings in the world. We hold distinct advantage from the animals, birds, insects in being able to express, feel, relate and accomplish. But still a majority of us feels monotonous and devoid of vigor; why is that so? The supreme creature that holds enormous power to unlock the mystical secrets and to invent the most insurrectionary techniques and methods should be content from inside, but that rarely is a reality. The blinding question is a big ‘WHY’.

As sage ‘Patanjali’ clearly said that one of the biggest reasons for failures and sorrow is the fact that we have this innate fear for being mortals. We fear death. We fear losing our dear ones. We fear a day will come when we will turn old, frail and powerless. This fear is the biggest detractor; we must out limit it to experience the raptures of life.

Do you ever get disturbed when your shadow appears smaller than the other person’s shadow? Do you ever feel perturbed when your shadow falls at an unhygienic place? Do you ever bother to find where your shadow is when you are in the middle of a very significant meeting? I am sure most of you will answer with a vocal ‘NO’. You are right. No one really bothers what happens to the shadow; we are just concerned with our bodies. Here lies on of the greatest treasures of life. Our physical bodies are the shadows of our souls, and we denote our souls, not our bodies. So why to take pain when our bodies suffer; they are mere shadows of our existence. Realize this truth and herald your journey to bliss.

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