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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The World is a Canvas; and I hold the Brush.

The darker days in our lives help us shedding away the myopic view of the world. One must be having a visionary stance on the finer nuances of life, so close to us yet so esoteric. I saw a new world when I was passing through the roughest patch of my life. Many a folks who used to frequent me like I have been their diurnal source of oxygen, vanished in oblivion. Many a folks started believing that I must have done some sins in my present life to have reaped the bad days which swallowed me those days. But I felt stronger because my family and my close-knit friends, who had knew every inch of my life, provided me rock-solid support.

The reticulum of intuitions came into play and all of us were connected even when we were at far ahead distances and chose to remain mute at our respective places. Such is the power of faith and belief, when you start experiencing it, you start seeing the world from an entirely different perspective. And this is what the real call of life is. I don’t think we are born just to earn, eat, make merry, shed tears, sleep and then die in isolation one fine morning. Life is meant for something bigger, something of a grandeur measure. It’s a journey to refine one’s soul and to escalate it to higher echelons of spiritual plane. God lies in methods and our methods must be godly. The fabric, its threads and its patches are all important for the essence of a cloth; in the similar spree, life, along with its limitations, unsolved quests and riddles and confusing questions are all important for the essence of a soul's journey through the mortal world.

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