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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Nurse. An Angel In Motion.

  • They have taken care of my patients as if they were their own kids.
  • They have spent sleepless nights in the wards, ICU and Casualty so that the patients can bear a sound sleep.
  • They have stricken friendship with desolate patients so that they don’t feel homesick.
  • They have refused to leave from duty if an emergency arrived in the waning end of their shifts.
  • They have made sure that every nook and corner of the hospital looks spick and span.
  • They have abandoned visiting their home towns if there was a shortage of equivalent man power in the hospital.
  • They always brought home cooked delicacies when they returned from their ritual of once a year visit at their native place.
  • They have cleaned the spilled vomitus and blood stains when the ward boy was not in sight.
  • They have juggled hard to learn computers so that they can help the hospital’s vision of keeping the systems as per the advanced standard protocol.
  • They have attended their duties even when they are down with viral fever or acute gastritis.
  • They have cold sponged the infant suffering with ‘febrile convulsions’, even when the child’s parents slowly drifted into sleep.

Just observing them at work makes me retrospect and realize that I have been bestowed with tons of knowledge by all the staff nurses I ever came in contact with. They have this altruistic attitude to life, and they never make qualms about petty things. A doctor is incomplete without an equally capable army of allied nurses; patient management is a comprehensive process. A nurse is someone most close to God; a mother figure, a sage in motion, an emotional healer. I wish every person of the world gets to know that the nurses sacrifice a lot to make sure that the ailing ones start gaining health again. I don’t think I can do anything that can ever match the favors that have been bestowed over me by nurses. One needs to have this in her soul, in her tissues to be as selfless as a nurse is.

A Nurse is one of the most divine animate beings. I salute to their spirit and their cause.

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