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Sunday, April 29, 2012

15 things to inspire people surrounding you

  1. Lead by example; the scarcity of actions makes grandiloquent words bite weed-infestated dust.
  2. Show that you care; no matter the step is little or grand, it would create a change.
  3. Motivate people to see a different perspective of the situation
  4. Always keep yourself levelheaded; even a sea-diver knows the importance of respecting the levels.
  5. Be value-centric. Invest in love; belief and hope.
  6. Remain focused while you speak. Reduce the fluff from your talk.
  7. Don’t judge people by their acts. Circumstances can make a ferocious lion go vegan.
  8. Take interest in people’s lives; they would love to be cared and thought about.
  9. Practice patience; what else is the essence of all those ‘how-to’ best-sellers?
  10. Don’t have an air of authority. Remain approachable.
  11. Be a superstar with kids.
  12. Listen to the unsaid gaps. Don’t be all hat and no cattle.
  13. Be courteous and respectful to elders.
  14. Treat everyone equally; we are all descendants of one lineage.
  15. Don’t expect people to follow your words.

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