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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My cup of tea

Tea is intricately woven into my daily routine which includes a lot of mental calisthenics. I am sure, as Indians, nothing really turns us calmer than the thought of a nicely brewed cup of tea; anything that goes on for pretty long durations starts affecting our lives from inside out, and tea holds no exception. I Have memories of my childhood days when we, the close-knit members of our family, used to gel over cups of tea, some snacks and abundant affection. Those foggy mornings of winters, those picturesque evenings of springs, those breezy nights of summers – all embraced us in the prevalent aroma of tea; the bonds got stronger and the joy associated with tea also grew manifolds.

I am basically a TEA person; give me any variant of tea and I would tell you about the secrets that have gone into preparing it. Some of my colleagues would prefer a cup of coffee with rich lather and richer aroma any given day, but a coffee is not my cup of tea. Everyone has affinities, the close callings; I need my daily supply of tea to be able to feel in sync with my systems. I don’t consider my self addicted to tea; it’s just that I am a tea-lover. The sight of monotony-breaker whirls settling in the cup, the anticipation of first slurp while bringing the edge of cup to your lips, the fragrance that can only be appreciated while you close your eyes – a cup of tea can make this world appear even more warm, stimulating and homely. 

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