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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

We have been bestowed with great minds; the minds that are able to work relentlessly. Generally we tend to switch us on and off with respect to the activity of our minds. The moment we start doing our professional works, we tend to switch our minds on, to be able to work more productively; and the moment we sign off, we tend to feel relaxed. When we come across any problem in our personal spheres, we tend to galvanize our minds to be able to come up to a workable solution. We think a lot, but most of us don’t make thinking a continuous process; we just do it when it is a necessity.

I believe that we must think a lot. Thinking enables us to see beyond what is visible to the ordinary minds. Thinking gives us a slice of barely visible, but mighty possibilities that exist about a specific fact, situation or assumption. We must not run to attain a state when we can keep our minds less occupied with analytical pathways; thinking is important. Our minds work all the times, even when we are asleep. Our aim should be to channelize the workflow of our minds in a way that we are able to bring about discoveries and astute realizations about the life and its resources on a constant basis. Nothing should astonish us; we are not occupying this magical world just to eat, sleep and work; the bigger goal is to know the complexities of life – the biggest of simplicities seemingly appear to be labyrinthine to the unknowing minds. Its important to evolve more; and there is no better way than to use your mind to think and observe. 

Seek out the answers. Let the stimulus be the quest of life and your thoughts would lead you where the decoding begins.

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